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I have been surfing since childhood. The bliss that surfing has awarded me has made it my favorite mode of existence.

As a student at university, I began working in hospitality and discovered my passion for hosting guests. From then on I dreamt of combining my two passions, surfing and hosting, one day.


I completed my law degree and became a lawyer. My professional life strayed far from my passions. I was working at an office downtown and only had surf travels to keep my dream alive.

On one of my surf travels I got to Peniche-Baleal. As I sat on the dunes, after an amazing surf session, overlooking the bay, surrounded by beautiful waves. In this classic surftown, I knew I found my perfect place. A place where I could synergize my passions. I wrapped up my office life and kissed it goodbye and set out to live my dream.


Today I live here with my girlfriend and together we run the Ananas Surfhouse, living the life I have been searching for, and welcoming you to join us.



Ananas Surfhouse currently counts two beautiful guesthouses in Peniche-Baleal, Portugal; Ananas Surfhouse and Ananas Ensuites. The houses are both quite new and are in tip top condition, we keep it clean and calm for all guests to enjoy. The houses have fully equipped kitchens, living rooms and laptop spaces, a backyard and a BBQ area, access to a pool and tennis court and are within walking distance to the beach. Both houses have 4 private rooms. Ananas Surfhouse has shared baths and Ananas Ensuites has private baths for every room. For more details of the rooms and amenities check out our Rooms.


Baleal, our beautiful surftown, is located one hour drive from Lisbon Airport. It is the beach section of Ferrel local council, within the municipality of Peniche. Baleal is the coolest surf town I've ever been to (and I have been to a lot). It has a very chill vibe, sand dunes, small bays and coves, many little beaches and long stretched beaches as well. Everyone walking around barefoot with their boards, everything in walking distance, just an all-round fun surfer place. But it's not just about surfing, things to do here and around include skating, biking, exploring the beaches, hiking on the cliffs overlooking the ocean or the castle walls of Peniche or Obidos, enjoying the day/nightl social life, practicing yoga, playing tennis or ping pong, or just relaxing in our pool, this place has it all, plus a variety of great restaurants and beach bars.


Because of the region's unique shape of a circular peninsula facing the Atlantic, it always gets waves and it's always offshore somewhere. There's a multitude of surf spots within walking distance and Supertubos is a 5 minute drive. If you want to explore by further driving the cost, you can explore the southern breaks all the way to the famous Ericeira which is 40 minutes south and to the north where there's an endless amount of secluded breaks you can surf by yourselves. The surf breaks are so various that from absolute beginner to kamikaze pro you will find your perfect spot. That's why Peniche-Baleal is the hub for learning first timers and also hosts the world championships. 

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Getting to us by car

Here is our address to type in your navigation App:

Rua Joaquim Barardo 49, Ferrel, Portugal

If you'd like to have a Map in hand while driving, CLICK HERE, This link will open a google maps route which you can print, full with detailed directions for getting from Lisbon airport to our house.

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Getting to us by bus

The cheapest option for getting to Ananas from Lisbon is taking the bus. There are two main bus companies to book the tickets with, they go out from two different stations in Lisbon, "Sete Rios" or "Campo Grande". Here are the links to their websites for ticket purchase and info:



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Getting to us by private transport

We also offer a private transport service. Please contact us directly to check out availability and rate.


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